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Learning to swim at 84 years of age is not a common endeavour. And, learning to swim at 84 with dementia is unheard of. This is the challenge that sisters Adelaide (23) and Lucinda (21) are embarking on with their Nana Ann. This feature documentary explores the misunderstandings of dementia, challenges the stigma surrounding the disease and showcases the power of humour and vulnerability embedded in this intergenerational relationship.

Content: Feature Documentary

Broadcast Partner: TBC

Year: 2023

Here for the Horses


Triple AFL premiership hero Josh Gibson returns to screens for his other great love, the horse. The documentary explores the initiatives and world leading safety standards that Racing Victoria has established to help protect the welfare of all racehorses – before, during and after racing. Through eye-opening conversations and first-hand experiences, Gibson finds himself on a journey that highlights the genuine love those involved in racing have for its equine athletes. This never-before-seen look at the faces and stories of racing, both equine and human, brings to life the moments and decisions that shape a sport.

Content: Feature Documentary

Broadcast Partner: Channel 7

Brand Partner: Racing Victoria

Awards: Mumbrella Bravery Award, 2021

Year: 2022



Leandre Sanders was born in Venice Beach, LA, into a world of gangs and crime. The only thing that kept him out of trouble was his love of skateboarding. While his older brothers joined the family tradition of running with gangs, Leandre - dubbed Skategoat - spent most of his days and nights at Venice Beach skatepark with his younger brother Leontay. He was so talented and determined that, at the age of 11, he caught the eye of filmmaker Van Alpert. 

Content: Feature Documentary

Broadcast Partner: Netflix

Brand Partner: Levi's

Year: 2021

Save This Shark 


Mick Fanning is on a new mission to explore shark conservation. The 3x world surfing champion will hop around the world teaming up with experts and conservationists to uncover the hidden truths about sharks, threats and how to save them from extinction. Mick takes this incredible opportunity to go on his own personal journey and conquer his fear to learn about sharks.

Content: TV Series (2 Episodes) - Feature Documentary

Broadcast Partner: National Geographic

Brand Partner: CISCO

Year: 2020

MUM Misunderstandings of Miscarriage


Filmmaker Tahyna MacManus embarks on a personal journey to understand the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of miscarriage. As she tries to fall pregnant again, she discovers that the world of women’s silence and shame can become one of strength in numbers.

Content: Feature Documentary

Broadcast Partner: Stan Australia

Brands Partner: IVF Australia

Year: 2020

Save This Rhino - India


Following the learnings from Save This Rhino (2019) set in South Africa, former English cricket captain Kevin Pietersen is keen to find out more about what’s happening to rhinos in India, his second home. Kevin sets out to discover all that India has to offer from the culture to the unique wildlife and what conservation looks like there. This time he teams up with National Geographic explorer and world renowned conservationist Dr Krithi Karanth on a journey to Kaziranga National Park to find out exactly what's going on and the ways they can help. Do rhinos face the same issues as in South Africa? 

Content: TV Series (2 Episodes)

Broadcast Partner: National Geographic

Brands Partner: CISCO

Awards: Country Winner: India, Best Natural History and Wildlife Show & Best Current Affairs Program, Asian Academy Creative Awards, 2021

Year: 2020

Save This Rhino - Africa


Presently, three rhinos are killed every day and if this continues, the animal will be extinct by 2025. Save This Rhino follows the journey of Arthur, an orphaned baby rhino who endured the death of his mother at the hands of poachers, and showcases the problem and some of the solutions to this tragic chapter of human history. The documentary charts the struggles, obstacles, and wins of the courageous men and women who are determined to fight on the frontlines of this conservational war.

Content: TV Series (2 Episodes)

Broadcast Partner: National Geographic

Brands Partner: CISCO, Dimension Data, Canon Australia, QT Hotels & Resorts, Land Rover South Africa

Awards: Lumiere Award For Best Documentary, 2020 | Monolith Award For Best Episodic Content - Infinity Festival 2019

Year: 2019

The Four Seasons Of The Search


Narrated by the ever entertaining Mason Ho (one of the explorers), with illustrations from Joe Neathway-Brown to provide a flavour of secrecy, this is the first time The Search has reflected on its past journey’s (decades of explorations) and gained such valuable insight from its previous participants. The series is broken into a seasonal approach of Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter which allows a clever hint of locations without explicit detail.

Content: TV Series (1 Season - 4 Episodes)

Broadcast Partner: Fox Sports

Brand Partner: Rip Curl

Year: 2019 

The South To Sian Journals 


A collection of stories documenting the people, places & adventures that occurred during the two years making "South To Sian" - the challenges, the surfers, riders, filmmakers and photographers. Extremely entertaining and insightful, "Journals" documents the travels, the hardships, the locations, the personalities and the thoughts of the characters, both in front of and behind the lens.

Content: Feature Film

Broadcast Partner: Garage Entertainment, Madman Entertainment, iTunes, Amazon

Brand Partner: Deus

Year: 2017


I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the places in which I live, work and play. I recognise and respect the enduring relationships they have with their lands and waters, and I pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

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